I aten’t dead

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. Too long. I guess that the changes that have happened in the time since, along with the ones that were already in progress a year or so ago, have left precious little time for writing. Babies take time. Moving house, starting a new job, being ordained and getting used to a new church and city, while working out what it means to be an ordained person and trying to live an undefended, Jesus shaped life have left little time for blogging.
Not to mention the various issues of confidentiality and privacy that inevitably arise at the intersection of life and ministry and other people’s lives and ministries.

But lately I’ve started to sense the Godward tug to start putting things up here again. So I’m going to try to. If only as a way of recording some of the things that occur to me or that I wonder about on the way through life.

So by way of update: we have moved to Cardiff, I was ordained as a deacon in the Church in Wales at Llandaff Cathedral in June 2009, and am now Assistant Curate at St Mark’s Gabalfa. A medium sized, evangelical church on a really big roundabout in an inner-city suburb of Cardiff. I love the job (most days at least), and we’re loving Cardiff.
Anyway, now you’re all caught up. On with the blogging once more…


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