Fun with Twitter

So, I signed up for Twitter cause it seemed to be the in thing and Stephen Fry got stuck in a lift. And I quite like it. I’m not quite sure what it’s for but it seems all very now and zeitgeisty and it’s a bit like the status thingy in Facebook but without the rest of Facebook which means people who aren’t on Facebook can find out what you’re up to. Which actually might not be an entirely good thing come to think about it. Anyhoo, earlier today I found out about the CofE Lent thingy called Live Life Love Lent that I blogged about earlier. Part  of this is a new Twitter feed called CofE so I became a follower in Twitter and promptly got followed back – I’m new to Twitter but that seems to be the etiquette – and it was worth signing up to twitter just to receive an email telling me that I was now being followed by the Church of England. To really make my day, a few hours later I got an email telling me that I was now being followed by Westminster Abbey! So if you see me around Oxford watch out for large places of worship following at a discreet distance behind….
Anyway, you can follow my twitterings at or over there on the right hand side if you like.


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